Rescue, Heal, Protect and Rehabilitate

Please Support, Tahira’s Unwavering Dedication to Transforming the lives of voiceless souls.

Our Mission

At TAWF, we are dedicated to rescuing homeless animals, such as cats, dogs, and birds. Our primary initiative involves rehabilitating stray animals, with a focus on sterilization and vaccination. Stray animals in Pakistan face dire conditions, largely due to overpopulation. TAWF is committed to addressing this root issue by working diligently to control the population of homeless animals and eradicate rabies in the region.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, there is no established system for state ownership or comprehensive public support for animal rights and welfare. This lack of infrastructure has made our work considerably more challenging, even though we are deeply passionate about our mission.

Animal Rescue

Every day, we rescue injured, abused, and sick animals. Sadly, many of these animals have been subjected to cruelty and abuse for no reason other than the abuser’s pleasure. Most dogs are even poisoned or shot dead.


At TAWF, we are committed to addressing the root causes of stray animals’ suffering. Our primary goal is to humanely manage the population of free-roaming dogs, particularly those perceived as a threat to public safety due to rabies.


At TAWF, our goal is to put an end to animal abuse using a range of strategies. Raising awareness within communities is essential to creating a more compassionate and empathetic society towards animals.

Our statistics

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How can you help?

Join us in becoming a proud rescuer by volunteering, donating, and sponsoring an animal. Your contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of voiceless souls. 

The quickest and easiest method for donating is through PayPal, credit/debit card, either as a one-time contribution or on a recurring basis. To make your secure donation, please visit our donation page.

More ways to help

Join our dedicated team of volunteers! Volunteering at TAWF offers a fantastic opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from working together and championing our cause. We invite you to get involved and support this important mission.

Due to financial constraints and limited space, we are unable to provide shelter and care for thousands of animals. If every household adopts a homeless animal, the number of those on the streets would be significantly reduced, contributing to the sustainability of our shelter.