Animal Rescue

Every day, we rescue injured, abused and neglected animals suffering from fractures, lacerations, maggot-infested wounds, and life-threatening diseases. Tragically, many animals are subjected to abuse for no reason other than the amusement of children. Dogs, in particular, are often poisoned or shot dead due to widespread intolerance and the stigma of uncleanliness attached to them in Pakistan.

Our rescue team serves Faisalabad, the third-largest city in Pakistan, and is the only animal rescue service within a hundred-mile radius. With limited resources and a single rescue vehicle, our team responds to rescue calls from morning to evening, even attending to critical cases on various roads at midnight.

While our rescue service does not typically extend to other cities unless in exceptional circumstances. We always welcome animal rescuers to bring their rescued animals to our shelter, and we often cover the travel expenses for animals rescued from other cities as well.

Over the past two years, our rescue team has saved more than 4,500 animals in need of emergency veterinary care. Our dedication and efforts continue to make a significant difference in the lives of these vulnerable creatures.