Equine Welfare Project

In addition to our ongoing efforts to promote animal welfare and combat rabies, we also strive to end cruelty towards working animals. In Pakistan, equines are heavily exploited, often laboring for long hours and carrying substantial loads, only to be met with brutality rather than compassion.

The socioeconomic class involved with these animals is typically uneducated, underprivileged, and lacks understanding of animal welfare. We aim to curb the violence towards these creatures through various strategies. To counteract the cruel practices prevalent in society against these equines, we organize awareness sessions within the community, encouraging people to develop empathy. As their owners cannot afford standard veterinary care, we provide these animals with free medication and care. We play a vital role in implementing the concept of equine welfare by rescuing abandoned equines from dire conditions and treating their ailments.

Our medical team organizes free medical and awareness camps at brick kilns, where equines receive complimentary veterinary care, and their owners are educated on the welfare of working animals. The socioeconomic class working with equines at brick kilns is typically below the poverty line. To date, this project has provided free medication and, occasionally, fodder to approximately 1,200 animals.

In September 2021, we launched a tree-planting campaign at brick kilns. The initiative’s primary goal was to reduce environmental pollution and provide shade and improved conditions for brick kiln workers and their animals during harsh weather. Over the course of this campaign, we planted shade-providing trees at more than 50 brick kilns, promoting a healthier environment for both humans and animals.